Becoming a fabric printer and designer was not something I had expected in life. I am a very late starter in my creative work, pursuing a completely different career first. But looking back a lot of the ingredients were already there: a love of fabrics and patterns, as a result of having many beautiful fabrics in my childhood home, a love of colour, from going to many museums and art exhibitions as a child and a love of being creative even if I’d almost forgotten about it. So when I first started there was a whole library of memories that came to life again.


I started printing fabric around 2016 and in 2019 I decided to do this full time. I print mostly with stencil printing  techniques. Stencil printing happened by accident when my screenprinting studio closed down and this allowed me to completely develop my own techniques, that I now also teach.


My garden studio

In the first few years I spent most of my time printing and making products with my printed fabrics as well as learn all about surface pattern design. The beginning of 2020 with the start of the pandemic I turned to teaching first in Skillshare classes, then in online workshops and courses. Teaching has turned out to be a thing that I absolutely love. Sharing my techniques and everything I have learned with others across the globe is so inspiring.


I still make and sell products but not on a large scale. I also collaborate with brands that are a good fit for me and my work. If you are interested have a look at a gallery of recent designs and contact me here.


My work as a printer and designer has very much evolved over time and with the changing times and I expect it will continue to be this way, but I think that at the heart of everything I do will be fabric and pattern design, I cannot imagine my life without it.