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Bespoke products

For reasons of sustainability I prefer making bespoke products to keeping a lot of stock in my shop. For you this has the advantage of being able to choose exactly the fabric and make that you would like. Currently you can order the products listed below. Follow the links to view an already finished product as an example and to find all the info on dimensions and other details. You can choose a fabric on my collection page, prices of the finished product will depend on the chosen print, base fabric as well as details of the product itself.

Want to order a bespoke product?  Find one of the products and find a print in the collection (some have names, some numbers and get in touch with me through the contact form on this website. If will then let you know the exact price and when I will be able to ship your product. 

Cushion sleeves

You can order cushion sleeves for all your cushions whatever the size. I can do different kinds of closure (invisible zipper, envelope closure ..). Find an example  of a finished cushion here.


(Slim) tote bag

The tote that is is my shop at the moment is a slim tote, find an example of a finished tote bag and info about dimensions and approximate prices here. I can make the tote in other dimensions too if you prefer.

tote bag.png

Cross body bag

This cross body bag is an ideal day bag for shopping, work, city trips etc. Find an example of this bag as well as more info about the dimensions, details and approximate price here.

cross body bag.png

Project bag

This a very spacey project bag that can fit a large knitting project and opens up as a bucket. Find some examples of a finished bag as well as more info about dimensions, details and an approximate price here.

project bag.png

Frame purse

Many of the fabrics in my collection will look lovely on this brass frame purse. Find examples of finished frame purses as well as information about dimensions and details and the approximate price here.

frame purse.png
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