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Smoke tree

This example is printed on a light weight natural linen. Each printed motif measures ± 10 cm (± 4 inch) x 8 cm diameter (± 3 inch).  

Prints can be ordered on different qualities fabric. Results will be slightly different depending on the color and structure of the fabric. If you are interested in ordering a quantity of this fabric please ask for a quote or order a swatch through the contact form on this website. Use the code for the print you are interested in and specify the use of the fabric so I can give you a recommendation for a type of fabric.

Prices are based on the chosen base cloth. For most of the base cloths that I currently stock the price for this print will be € 30,- for a panel of 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20 inch). Swatches can be ordered for €5,- plus shipping costs.  This print is made with a stencil printing technique (which is quite labor intensive) I can therefore not offer yardage, you can order several panels (which will of course be deliverd in one piece).

Fabrics can be (hand) washed at a low temperature and ironed using a cloth between the print and the iron.