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My favourite handmade gifts.

This blog post is dedicated to some early holiday inspiration. I have always loved handmade products, there is something about them that never ceases to inspire me. There is nothing fake about them, the colours, the feel, the little imperfections, everything makes me want to look at them all them time, take them in my hands, think about the person who made them. And now that I have become a maker myself I keep finding other new and wonderful artists and makers.

I thought I'd show you some of my favourites just in case you are in need of a really special present for someone in your life for Sinterklaas (Dutch celebration), Christmas or for any other coming festive occasion. I am not doing justice to the incredible amount of wonderful makers I know by making this selection, but I tried to choose a variety of products, something for everyone. I used the very nice Steller app to make a small gift guide. If you click on the cover of the Steller Guide below, this will take you directly to the gift guide. You can see a web version or download the app. Either way you can see the whole guide, follow the links to the makers I mention and share if you like.

Hope you'll enjoy my selection and maybe find some inspiration. And there are so many more amazing artists and makers out there working hard to make the presents you want to give. I hope you will go and find them and have a wonderful holiday season.

A little preview of what you will find in the guide:


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