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I have two fabric printing classes on Skillshare right now, they are both on stencil printing and both suitable for a beginner level as well as intermediate.  Skillshare is a subscription based platform. You can try it out in a  free trial period if you are not a member to see if you like it.

The class 'Stencil print your own fabric' is about printing nature inspired patterns and learning techniques that are go with this kind of patterns. Find it here.

The class 'A Mid Century Adventure'  is a journey into the sixties and seventies and the style of that time, to take motifs and patterns of that style period as a starting point for playing with patterns. Suitable for everyone who loves simplicity and colour, no need to be a Mid Century fan!  Find it here.

"Could't image that prints could look so beautiful with simple basic materials. I was in Ahh with the designs, just working with one or two stencils. Very helpful are the different approaches of textile designs you can use. It s not just learning how to stencil print.. it's also lessons in surface pattern design . Love it!! "


"A wonderful class with lots of practical tips and helpful demonstrations. Really easy to follow and beautifully presented with lots of examples of Pauline's gorgeous work. I had so much fun with the project and it all came together really easily after following the lessons. Highly recommended."



"Super useful and fun class, it could look like a beginners level but she share all her secrets and if you already know about this you can learn something too! I can't wait to see other classes".


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