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Stencil Printing Workshop Selvedge Magazine

Stencil printing techniques that are taught in this course
Pattern of chicory flowers with the original sketch
"papier dominote' inspired pattern

Learn to use different printing techniques

Learn to make more complex motifs using multiple stencils

Learn to make simple repeat patterns

2 Day workshop with Selvedge Magazine (2 lessons of 3 hours)

An online workshop hosted by the beautiful Selvedge Magazine. 

This workshop that takes you from learning stencil printing techniques to making simple patterns with stencils. This workshop includes a materials pack. Find all the information about this workshop on the Selvedge magazine website. The content of the workshop is the same as The Complete Stencil Printing Course


Dates for the workshop:

Saturdays October 21st and November 4th from 3PM - 6 PM Dutch time


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