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This handprinted pattern can be printed to different sizes up to ± 3 meters length. The width of the fabric is 135/140 cm, it comes in two qualities of natural linen: 190 grams and 230 grams per square meter.

You can order the exact size of fabric you need for your project so that there will be no waste. The price for half a meter of this print (width 135/140 cm) is € 130,- for both fabric qualities. Send me a message to get a quote for the amount of fabric you want to order, add the name of the fabric as well as your mail address. I will get back to you with a quote within 2 work days.

In order to get a better idea of the colours and the fabric you can order a colour swatch for € 5,- regardless of your location. You will receive a piece of fabric with a couple of squares with the colours used in the print so that you can colour match it with other items. To get a swatch send me a message with the print you would like and the colourway (if more than one) as well as your complete address. 

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