Sustainability is becoming more important to me every year and I try to be as aware of it as I can in every decision I make.


Materials used

For my printed fabrics I am using mostly linen which is the most sustainable fabric in many ways. In some cases I use biological cotton canvas or left over fabrics.

I use an environmentally friendly water based and solvent free fabric ink. I use a brand that I can mix according to my needs so there is no waste, also the stencil printing technique that I love uses very little ink.




Make it yourself

Even if my materials are chosen with care for their sustainability shipping products around the world is not sustainable. In the beginning of the corona crisis when there was very limited air traffic and the air was so pure and clean I started to rethink my business model. Shipping bulky bags to the other end of the world was not what I wanted to focus my business on. Shipping fabrics to make your own bags, cushions or whatever product you want to make is a step in the right direction. So I have started to sell panels of handprinted fabrics to order.  For the bags that I have designed I am planning to offer patterns for sale, so you can make your own.

The most important change that I have already effected is offering in depth printing courses to print your own fabric both on Skillshare and on Zoom as well as in person workshops in the Netherlands. Being able to print you own fabric with locally sourced supplies is not only the most sustainable option, I also know from experience that it will bring you much joy!