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Sustainability is becoming more important to me every year and I try to be as aware of it as I can in every decision I make.


For my printed fabrics I am using mostly linen which is a sustainable fabric in many ways. In some cases I use biological cotton canvas or left over fabrics.I use an environmentally friendly water based and solvent free fabric ink. I use a brand that I can mix according to my needs so there is no waste, also the stencil printing technique that I use requires very little ink.


I'm still trying to figure out the most sustainable way to ship products. An important way is trying to limit the bulk. I don't ship cushions with my cushions covers and have stopped shipping heavy bags.

I am still trying to find the best packaging material, but right now the most sustainable option is to use reusable zip bags as part of my packaging, because I have quite a supply of them until they run out and I can find someting else.

A stencil print in progress including the sustainable inks that are used to print it.

Make it yourself

Far more sustainable than having products shipped across the world is printing your own. It is not only the most sustainable way to have beautiful handprinted fabrics, it is probably also the most enjoyable. You can use locally sourced fabrics or even better: use existing garments or other fabrics. You can take part in my courses from everywhere in the world.





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