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Pauline Greuell (PG) registered at the Chamber of commerce under number 61288993 Located in Utrecht, Netherlands.


1 Introduction.


This statement is intended to show that your personal information is handled with care. No more information is stored than is required for business support such as communication, services, and marketing. Collected personal data is not sold to third parties. This is subject to special circumstances, for example if this is required by law or necessary for the provision of services or product delivery.


This privacy statement is fully compliant with Dutch law and regulations. Any dispute about this will be discussed in Dutch.


2 Company description.


A full description the work and services of Pauline Greuell can be found at



3 Aim of data.


Data related to requests for support or activities are used to formulate an answer to the request.


Personal data are used for:

- for the delivery of services or products

- business support such as communication, services, marketing

- technical support, such as the services used for online courses


This concerns data that are send by email and data that become available via the internet, such as via Google Analytics and IP addresses.



4 Recipients of data.


When you fill in a form on the website, the information is stored on the servers of The information is transferred to the computers of Pauline Greuell via secured connections, FTP or email.


Emails addressed to Pauline Greuell arrive at the servers of or and eventually on the computers of Pauline Greuell.


The Pauline Greuell website makes use of Google Analytics. You can find their privacy policy with more information on the websites of Google and Google Analytics.



5 Storage period.


Personal data are stored for as long as:


- it is required by law, such as invoices and accounting for the tax authorities

- it is necessary for the delivery of products or services

- it is necessary for communication about products and services such as marketing

- it is necessary for business and technical support

- reporting is desirable, such as newsletters



6 Your rights


6.1 Right to view:

Personal data entered in the website forms can be requested.


6.2 Right to rectification:

Personal data can be adjusted at any time if a request is made. This data is not changed in the archive, for example on invoices that must be kept for the tax authorities.


6.3 Right to submit a complaint:

Any complaints regarding the processing of your personal data can be submitted through the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


6.4 Right to transfer:

Pauline Greuell does not transfer personal data to another party.


6.5 Right to stop the use of data:

A person whose personal data is stored at Pauline Greuell can indicate that Pauline Greuell may no longer use that data in the future, insofar as this is not in conflict to the other articles in this privacy statement.



7 Security

Personal data on computers of Pauline Greuell are protected with certified antivirus and firewall software.

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