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Reactions from some of the participants to my courses

Megan - UK
This is what my idea of pure happiness is …finding a whole new world of pleasure in this  stencil printing workshop.
Halyna– Tasmania
There is something immediate subtle and beautiful about this stencil technique. It allows for wonderful play with light and shadow and barely there silhouettes. Wonderful calm, patient teaching.

Maria – Costa Rica
Pauline teaches you to design patterns that have fluidity and harmony. Through her teachings, she shows you how to achieve that unique rhythm that beautiful designed patterns are able to convey. 

Eveline – the Netherlands
This course has woken something that was dormant for a long time inside me. Pauline has brought so much joy and now I can’t stop stencilling. She is the best teacher, patient, reassuring, guiding and inspiring. 

Monique - Australia
This course was a lot of fun, yielding such lovely results so quickly.
Simone – Australia
Pauline’s workshops are fantastic! She is a lovely teacher - warm and generous, and very respectful of her students. As someone who teaches printmaking to others, often, these workshops nourished me both as a teacher and an artist.
Nonni - Denmark
I could do this course over and over again, so inspiring. The course is well organised, with room for spontaneity, making every student shine regardless of prior experiences and skills.
Eliza - USA
Learning how to work with stencils on fabric helped me to get my own artistic practice as a 2D artist back on track. I am so grateful for the inspirational teaching in which we were guided step by step, while individual creativity and the development of one’s own practice were encouraged.

Martine -Australia
I joined Pauline’s  stencil workshop as part of a group of printmakers from Australia. Pauline is a wonderful (and patient!) teacher. I really appreciated the peaceful, inspiring and focused atmosphere she was able to create – even over Zoom! I will definitely be using the techniques and ideas developed in the workshop in my textile printing.

Sarah – South Africa
Inspirational, fun and stimulating course.  Teacher is clear in her guidance, patient in her interactions, and able to pinpoint exactly what problem you are grappling with and very generous in sharing what she has developed.


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