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For everybody interested in learning the stencil printing techniques that I have developed I give online workshops and courses.  I teach  a complete course (7.5 hours over 3 days) in stencil printing that starts at beginner level and then goes on to teach you all I know about stencil printing and the basics of pattern making with stencils. If you have already done any of my courses there are more advanced workshops.


Please look at the FAQ (frequently asked questions) to find out more about the workshops and the supplies needed.

Complete Stencil Printing Course

In this 7.5 hour course  (spread over 3 sessions) you

will learn all about stencil printing on fabric.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Design motifs and patterns for stencil printing

  • Turn more intricate motifs and patterns into

      several stencils

  • Use stencil printing techniques, separate and

      in combination

  • Work with different colours

  • Know and work with different kinds of basic patterns

  • Work with registration when making patterns


The classes are held with a minimum of a week in between lessons

to allow enough time to practice.

Planned courses:

Fridays January 20th, 27th and February 3rd at 4 PM Dutch time (sold out)

Saturdays February 11th, 25th and March 4th at 4 PM Dutch time

Fridays March 10th, 24th and 31st at 10 AM Dutch time

Fridays June 16th, 23rd and 30th at 4 PM Dutch time.

€ 175,- (min. 3 students max. 10).



2 Day workshop with Selvedge Magazine

A workshop hosted by the beautiful Selvedge Magazine. 

This workshop that takes you from learning stencil printing techniques to making simple patterns with stencils a materials pack. Find all the information about this workshop on the Selvedge magazine website.


Dates for the workshop:

Saturdays February 4th and 18th 2023 from 3 PM to 6 PM Dutch time. (sold out).

Saturdays October 21st and November 4th from 3PM - 6 PM Dutch time


Advanced workshops 


 2 lesson workshop on In depth pattern design for stencil printing 

This workshop is meant for people who have mastered all the basic techniques that I teach (cutting, printing techniques, working with multi-stencil motifs, working with registration). This workshop consists of 2 lessons of 3 hours each and a come back session of approximately 1 hour to discuss progress and ask questions. As working with pattern designing for stencil printing take time we will not be able to finish patterns within the lessons. It is essential that you reserve enough time between the lessons to practice and and finish the patterns we have started in the lessons as well as try some new ones.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to design different kinds of basic pattern repeats (block repeat, half drop repeat, half brick repeat) by hand and how to use these repeats in stencil printing.

  • How to use more unusual pattern tiles (like ogees, scales, diamonds, trapeziums etc) in your repeats and how to execute patterns made with these in stencil printing.


This workshop will come with a reader that explains all the different ways of making a pattern and that you can refer to after the workshop.

Fridays January 6th, March 3rd and 17th at 5 PM Dutch time (sold out)

€ 145,- 

As the current workshop is sold out I'm now taking registrations for a next workshop, which will be planned as soon as there are enough registrations.


3 hour workshop in designing and stencil printing floral/botanical prints and patterns 


This advanced workshop is meant for those of you who are interested in diversifying your floral and other nature inspired prints and patterns. Especially with floral prints it is very easy to get into a rut and make variations of the same florals over and over. In this workshop we use nature’s inspiration to create interesting designs. The workshop is also about the cutting and printing techniques that you can use to create floral designs and patterns.

Although we will work from hand drawn sketches a talent for drawing is not  essential, an interest in exploring your natural inspiration is. Planning of the workshop will start as soon as enough people have applied (a minimum of 3 people).


In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to look at your nature inspiration and use what you see in your designs

  • How to transform a basic sketch into a design for a floral motif

  • How to cut your stencils using layering to achieve more complex prints

  • Tips and tricks to achieve an interesting or more complex floral print.


This workshop will come with a reader that goes into ways you can use your inspiration to make a print design and includes many of the techniques that I often use for my floral prints.

€ 65,- (min. 3 students max. 10).

Wednesday April 5th 7 PM Dutch time.

IMG_9622 3.JPG

In person workshop

Workshop at West Dean College

From May 21st to May 24th I will have a workshop at West Dean College in the UK. For more information about the workshop and about West Dean College go to their website 

What students are saying: 

Pauline’s workshops are fantastic! She is a lovely teacher - warm and generous, and very respectful of her students. Her Zoom workshops are incredibly well organised and informative, so we were able to relax and enjoy the process, whilst still learning a lot. And her followup information all fantastic. As someone who teaches printmaking to others, often, these workshops nourished me both as a teacher and an artist. Simone


I joined Pauline’s 3-week stencil workshop as part of a group of printmakers from Australia. Pauline is a wonderful (and patient!) teacher. I really appreciated the peaceful, inspiring and focused atmosphere she was able to create – even over Zoom! I will definitely be using the techniques and ideas developed in the workshop in my textile printing.



Pauline’s approach was excellent - techniques were clearly explained and demonstrated, with encouragement given every step of the way. I liked how we were given some time to explore on our own, then brought back as a class to share our progress and view the next steps. 2 and a half hours is also a great duration for the workshop - long enough to get stuck in but not too long to get tired or run out of brushes! Pauline is a lovely, positive and gentle teacher. Lucy


Pauline was not only extremely well organised with her teaching approach, but very generous with her time, expertise and patience.  Pauline’s comprehensive notes reflected the teaching content perfectly. The course was a lot of fun, yielding such lovely results so quickly. I look forward to thinking about how to incorporate what I have learned into other projects I might undertake over time. Monique

Some examples of what was made during the Complete Stencil Printing Course
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