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Complete Stencil Printing Course

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Learn to use different printing techniques

Learn to make more complex motifs using multiple stencils

Learn to make simple repeat patterns

In this 6 hour course  (spread over 2 sessions) you will learn all about stencil printing on fabric. To make this course succesfull it is essential to  practice by yourself between the two sessions. At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Design motifs and patterns for stencil printing and make your own stencils

  • Turn more intricate motifs and patterns into  several stencils

  • Use stencil printing techniques, separate and in combination

  • Work with different colours

  • Know and work with different kinds of basic patterns

  • Work with registration when making patterns



The classes are held with a minimum of 2 weeks in between lessons

to allow enough time to practice.

Planned courses:

Fridays September 27th and October 11th at 6 PM Dutch time

Saturdays October 19th and November 2nd at 5 PM Dutch time

€ 165.- (min. 3 students max 12)

If you prefer an in person workshop to an online course have a look at my course at Atelier Clos Mirabel in the South of France.

What participants are saying:

Eveline – the Netherlands

This course has woken something that was dormant for a long time inside me. Pauline has brought so much joy and now I can’t stop stencilling. She is the best teacher, patient, reassuring, guiding and inspiring. 

Maria – Costa Rica

Pauline teaches you to design patterns that have fluidity and harmony. Through her teachings, she shows you how to achieve that unique rhythm that beautiful designed patterns are able to convey. 

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